It is likely that you already have some idea as to what Scotland has to offer that you would find of interest. You would be stunned at the range of visits that I can provide for you!

Just to name a few:-

  • Neolithic, bronze age, and iron age history, 13th to 19th century history. Recent war-time history
  • Sites of famous battles and massacres
  • Castles – occupied, ruined, privately owned or owned by the public
  • Tree collections and ornamental gardens
  • Sea life, birds and other wildlife
  • Engineering wonders
  • Farming and sporting estates, horse riding, fly fishing for trout or salmon, pony trekking, quad bike excursions
  • Crofting communities. Highland cattle
  • Ancestor and heritage visits,. Clan museums
  • Sites of folklore and mythology
  • Distilleries – including (but not limited to) those on Islay and in Speyside
  • Hebridean islands, remote beaches, private flights over stunning island scenery
  • Boat trips of all sorts. Sea ferries. Canals. Whirlpools and tidal races
  • Sea-food and venison – mutton pies and haggis
  • Golf – either on internationally famous courses or on some of the hundreds of superb lesser-known courses
  • Craftsmen and artisans, shops for classic outdoor clothing, crafts and antiques
  • Highland games – complete with dancing, pipe bands, and tossing the caber!
  • Traditional music
  • A steam-train ride in the footsteps of Harry Potter
  • And of course, some of the most stunning scenery in the world!

In addition, I would be happy to arrange pre-tour or post-tour breaks, which could include a skippered sailing cruise, a week on a hotel barge, a week on the last steam-powered ‘puffer’ in the world, or simply a stay in a guesthouse or a self-catering cottage, perhaps in a village where you can enjoy some traditional Highland hospitality