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For nine years up until 2014, Barbara and I were owner-operators of the luxury hotel barge the Saint Louis, cruising in south-west France. During those years, we were both focused on providing the best of everything for our guests.

Alasdair Wyllie

I in particular had the role of tour guide on the boat (as well as being pilot). I offered visits to a wide range of well-known ‘classic’ venues, as well as visits to all sorts of places that were off the beaten track. Our guests on the boat greatly appreciated these special visits, and I developed a wide range of contacts and of information based on experience as well as careful research.

The principle of the Highland Host tours will be very similar. My broad experience and knowledge of the Highlands of Scotland will be used to provide a range of fascinating visits that would be impossible to find by any other means.

My background and training is in agriculture and rural engineering, in the early part of my career I managed farms and estates in my native Scotland, and I have a lifelong interest in the fauna and flora of the Scottish countryside.  I have maintained strong connections among the estate owners and farmers in the region. These elements help me to understand and explain the country in which we will be travelling.

I am of course fully accredited and insured, and I am a Member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists as part of my commitment to a service of the highest quality.

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Alasdair Wyllie

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